Hanwha Galleria's program for future talent Junior Internship

Junior Internship aims at discovering competent future employees among university students from freshmen to juniors. The program provides a background of the company and offers participants a chance to engage in real work environment through field trips, mentoring activities, and participation in projects. Grab your chance to acquire valuable experience through this on-the-job training!

주관사,대상자,운영시기,활동내용,혜택으로 구성된 프로그램 상세 테이블입니다.
Organizer Hanwha Galleria
Target University students (freshmen to juniors)
Time Four weeks over vacation (July-August, January-February)
    [Introductory Course]
    • Introduction to the internship program: Company background, vision, mid- to long-
     term strategies, policies, etc.
    • Field trip to Galleria stores and Hanwha Historical Museum
    • Introduction to Galleria and meetings with seniors
    [On-the-job Training]
    • Participants are allocated to Hanwha Galleria teams for actual work experience
    • Mentor (job-related) and buddy (work life-related) coaching
    • Theme-specific projects
    • Certificate for all participants
    • Weekly pay of 300,000 won
    • High-scoring trainees are given internship opportunity at Hanwha Galleria without
     document screening and interview