Hanwha S&C's IT talent development program NIPA Internship by Hanwha S&C

This internship allows IT majors to acquire professional experience through programming language trainings and hands-on project experience. The program serves as an excellent opportunity for you to build experience as a future IT leader. Discover more about it.

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Organizer Hanwha S&C
Target 60-80 IT students (freshmen to juniors)
Time Eight weeks over winter vacation (December-February)
    • Practical and theoretical education from real-life IT industry
    • Sharing recent IT trend
    • Hands-on programming experience at IT firms
    • Web and application development projects in smaller groups
    • Certificate for all participants
    • No training fees (lecture fee, books, PC rental, etc.)
    • Accommodation (university dorm) and meals provided during training
    • High-scoring trainees are exempt from document screening when applying for
     Hanwha S&C