Hanwha Life CSR project Student Mentors for Economics

University students act as mentors for teaching economics to children in low-income and marginalized communities. They visit branch elementary schools in rural areas and children and students of low-income households to help them learn economics. Learn for yourself the value of CSR activity!

주관사,대상자,운영시기,활동내용,혜택으로 구성된 프로그램 상세 테이블입니다.
Organizer Hanwha Life
Target 100 university students
Time January-June, July-December (every half year)
    [Economy School]
    • Economy School for low-income class children and students: Participants visit study
     rooms and childcare facilities in the metropolitan region to teach children
    [Branch School Tour]
    • Participants visit branch elementary schools in rural areas as mentors
    [Economy Camp]
    • Participants join a two-day Economy Camp with children, young students, and
     Hanwha Life employees
    • Certificate for all participants
    • High-scorers will have the chance to participate in an overseas volunteeractivity
     (6 days, including travel)