Hanwha's program to discover future science talent Science Challenge

Hanwha Science Challenge is Korea's largest science competition aimed at developing a wider understanding for energy, bio, climate change, water, and other areas of science as well as strengthening creative exploration in these fields. Any high school student with a passion for science is welcome to vie for winning the title, "Korea's young Nobel laureate." Show off the brilliant ideas you have!

주관사,대상자,운영시기,활동내용,혜택으로 구성된 프로그램 상세 테이블입니다.
Organizer Hanwha Corporation/Defense
Target Team of two high school students with a knack for science and one teacher
Time Preliminaries registration: March
On- & offline screening: April-June (tentative)
Finals & awards ceremony: September (tentative)
    • Topic of choice in the field of pure science and applied science
    • On- and offline preliminaries (20 teams selected)
    • Finals for two days followed by awards ceremony
    • Grand prize: 40 million won (one team)
    • Gold: 20 million won (two teams)
    • Silver: 10 million won (two teams)
    • Bronze: 5 million won (15 teams)
    • Research activity budget for finalists (one million won)
    • best teacher prize (3 million won)
    • best school prize (5 million won) for grand prize, gold, and silver winners
    • Award winners participate in tours to Europe and America
    • Regular membership trainings for award winners