Hanwha Chemical project for fostering young talent Dream Team

Dream Team is designed for students fond of writing. Participants join as staff writers of Hanwha Chemical's official blog, Chemical Dream, and have a chance to learn about the vibrant culture of the company. Anyone with a passion for writing is welcome to join the Dream Team.

주관사,대상자,운영시기,활동내용,혜택으로 구성된 프로그램 상세 테이블입니다.
Organizer Hanwha Chemical
Target University students interested in Hanwha Chemical
Time January-June, July-December (every half year)
    [Dream Team Writers]
    • 10 students form a team to become blog writers
    • Team creates contents customized to target ages (19 to 27) and contents related to
     the company
    [Dream Team Off-line Gathering]
    • Designed to strengthen network among writers and share trend and issues in
     target segment
    • Opportunities to experience Hanwha Chemical's corporate culture through CSR
     activities and tours to local operations
    [Dream Team Writers]
    • Expenses for writing and other activities covered by the company
    • Participants are given priority for facility tours, CSR activities, and participation to
     other company events