Learn about the corporate culture of Hanwha's Defense Business Defense Industry Student Camp

This program is composed of tours, on-site recruiting, understanding weapon system, and dialogue with the staff. Participants get a chance to experience the corporate culture of Hanwha's Defense Business and understand the industry. Don't miss your chance to explore future career and build a valuable network.

주관사,대상자,운영시기,활동내용,혜택으로 구성된 프로그램 상세 테이블입니다.
Organizer Hanwha Corporation/Defense
Target 60 university students
Time One week over summer vacation (5-10 days)
    • Introduction to the company, its vision, and mid- to long-term strategies
    • Field trip to local operations and the National Cemetery
    • Briefing on defense business at home and abroad and discussions
     with Hanwha staff
    • Memento for all participants
    • High-scoring participants are exempt from document screening when applying for
     Hanwha Corporation Defense Business